Sunday, February 22, 2009

Say What!

The minute someone says to me “You can’t do that,” I’m determined to find numerous ways I can! For me, it’s all about passion…This is why at any given time I have multiple projects going on at one time. The key is not to get too far ahead of myself!

What’s on my plate right now:

1. Finish painting the laundry room cabinet doors! It’s been raining almost non stop for two weeks, so needless to say the paint is not drying very fast in the garage. So I’ve been bringing in two doors at a time and painting in the foyer. It’s getting done, but very slowly!

2. Just bought a new refrigerator. We decided to cut into the wall and sink it back 3 inches. At first this did not appear that it was going to be that difficult. WRONG! It can be done, but it is going to be a lot of work. We have to relocate the plumbing line for cold water and move the drain line back 3 inches. On top of this it is a load bearing wall. Ouch! But we have found a way and we our pushing forward. I must say I have a great husband!!!!! The end result will be fabulous!

3. I’m working on two sign and about 10 new framing.

4. Once the laundry room is completed, it’s on to the master bedroom. I am going to be painting it! Out with the ugly wall paper! This room is BIG and I removed the wallpaper some time ago, but the walls need to be re-textured before I can paint. So we have been sitting on this project for a little while!

5. Once the bedroom is painted it is on to the island in the kitchen. I’m refinishing the cabinets in a black and installing a new butch block counter.