Monday, May 18, 2009

Ella's Little Friends

While doing some yard work in the backyard, I found a little snake. So my husband caught it to show Ella. When she got home we showed her the snake and her first question, “Can I keep it?” I told her if Daddy and she could figure out what type of snake it was she could keep it for a few days. They found out it was a Sharp-Tail snake and they can grow anywhere between 10 – 19 inches long. They usually live in groups and are very secretive and shy. Well the next day when Mike was finishing up the yard work he found the nest and caught 3 more of them. Ella kept them for about 10 days. We even got to bring them to school for show and tell. This is the picture she took of them right before we released them in our backyard.
That night she cried herself to sleep because she missed her pet snakes!