Monday, May 18, 2009

20 Things About Why We Love Windsor!

1. Lots of majestic Oak trees.
2. Lots of split rail fences. (A personal favorite)
3. The town has a beautiful town green.
4. Driving Ella to school in the morning and seeing hot air balloons in the sky. One morning Ella and I counted five!
5. Tree lined streets.
6. Summer nights on the green. Movies, bands, and lots of FAMILY fun!
7. A very charming downtown.
8. Great parks and hiking trails.
9. Beautiful neighborhoods.
10. We are in the heart on Sonoma County which means lots of vineyards. We’re lucky enough to have one behind our house and a large one across the street from our neighborhood.
11. Lots of open space.
12. We have great wine tasting rooms.
13. Halloween rocks is our neighborhood! The adults give out glasses of wine to parents trick-or-treating so it is very important that you pace yourself or you will be drunk before you finish the street. Ella even got a groove girl doll this year trick-or-treating. This is not the same Halloween that I had as a kid!!!
14. Windsor has a beautiful country setting.
15. We are only sixty mile from San Francisco.
16. We see lots of deer – which Ella and I enjoy. They are so fun to watch.
17. Love the seasonal changes in the weather.
18. A great schools district. One of the best in Sonoma County.
19. A great place to raise a family.
20. Best of all Ella loves it here!