Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Factory - Come on a Tour with Us!

Today Ella’s first grade class went on a tour of Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Factory. The kids got to watch the magic as the stickers get printed, packaged and shipped right before their eyes! The adult experience the same magic as we watch wine label getting printed!

The one-hour tour includes:

An award-winning video hosted by Angus, Mrs. Grossman's granddog

A guided tour of the sticker factory

A fun Sticker Art craft activity

A visit to our Sticker Museum, where you can see every sticker we've made

The printing presses run 24 hours a day, five days a week, in the 110,000-square-foot corporate headquarters and printing plant just 40 miles north of San Francisco.

We saw thousands of stickers going through every stage of printing, high-speed packaging as well as machines sorting, and wrapping. Wait until you see the LaserWeb! It's the only system of its kind in the United States that can cut laser-cut stickers. It's a high-tech wonder that shoots 10,000-degree laser beams to make the delicate cuts on Mrs. Grossman's Paper Whisper™ stickers. ( psst. See I can pay attention just as good as any first grader!)

After the factory tour, it's off to the Sticker Art room where we decorate a postcard using Mrs. Grossman's stickers.

The girls decorating their postcards!
Ella's Postcard! Mommy's Postcard!
I kept telling the kids “I have that sticker and that one too!” I told them when I was younger I collect Mrs. Grossman’s stickers. They all think I’m weird now, oh well!!! Mmmm, I wonder where I stuck that collection.

All in all it was a fun day!