Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Check It Out

Finally, a picture!!! What can I say, maybe I’m just a little excited, okay I admit it, I’m REALLY excited about this picture. But if you only realized how frustrating my search has been, it had me questioning if I had any business decorating my own house. And I decorate, it’s what I do!!!

Since we moved into our wonderful house I have had a decorating block, nothing, my flare for decorating has been flushed. I’ve question my style, what I want to do in the house, do I like this or am I settling blah, blah, blah, blah…The family room is so large and it just been a pain in the butt to decorate!

Then I walk into Harvest Home in Sonoma and bam there is this picture with my name on it! You think I’m joking but my name was written on it “Michel” and it just so happens that it would be perfect over the settee in the family room. I don’t question my decision, just buy it!!! I LOVE IT, and can feel my decorating block lifting, YAH!!!

We also found this great picture for my husbands office, but I also have my eyes on it for the family room... We'll see where it ends up. I'm feeling so creative that I off to a antique store to look for a table to refinish...